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AB Cup 2019
Wowzers, what a successful AB Cup (Provincial Championships) in Leduc! Three Provincial champions (4A, 5A, Level 6 group), two all-around medallists in 5A, 6A silver medallist and a host of great routines!  Such a great way to end a season...and to say good-bye to the group  of 5 Firebirds.  They'll be back next year, a little smaller and with a new face, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Getting ready to compete...and oh, those smelly, smelly knee pads.
We took every opportunity to "embrace" the flamingo theme at the competition.
Competing as a group for one last time. Thanks to Doug Cargill for the great photos!
Awards - presented by Councillor Laura Tillack of Leduc City Council
Individual awards - 4A Savannah gold in free, ball & all-around
Individual routines - 5A - Kailey gold in free, ball, choice & all-around; Delaney bronze in free, choice & all-around, 4th in ball; Madison 8th in free, 5th (!) in ball, 6th in choice & 7th all-around!
Individual routines - 6A Mercedes 2nd in hoop, ball, ribbon & all-around!
What happens when you leave the iPad in the care of teenage gymnasts...
It's hard to be normal when you're surrounded by so much crazy...
Scrunchies...for Sabrina