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Resources - ARPA
Arabesque Rhythmics Parents' Association (ARPA)

News and information about upcoming fundraising events will be posted here. AGM and other meeting information will also be available on this page throughout the year.  All registered members (recreational, PreTeam, Team) are eligible to attend and participate in ARPA meetings and events.

Thank you to those members who attended the first AGM and to those who volunteered to serve on the first Board. Your ARPA Board members are:

Heather Marrelli (President)

Stephanie Pomedli (Vice-President)

Kyla Smale (Secretary)

Michele Newhook (Treasurer)

Margaret Cargill (Booking Chairperson)

Karlene Saville (Fundraising Chairperson)

To find out more about the Board positions, please read through the bylaws.

ARPA Policies and Procedures are available here.

Nomination forms for volunteer positions.