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Brittany Hunt Invitational 2017

Our Provincial level competitors participated in the Brittany Hunt Invitational (hosted by Chinook RG in Calgary).  Thanks to all the volunteers, coaches and judges for running a great event.
Onyx group - two excellent routines for a solid 2nd place finish!
A quick change...
3rd place...in hoop! WOW!
3rd place in ball - a confident and calm routine (with a little on-the-spot choreography)
1st place in clubs - and it's her first year with clubs!
Look at that collection of medals and ribbons - a nice way to highlight some awesome routines!
Training buddies...friends...family (and slightly blurry)
Competition - a place to make new friends (Alannah and Sarah, who's from Capital City)
Three consistent and awesome routines - woohoo!
Happy gymnast and proud coach!