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Team - General Info & Policies
Gymnasts must wear a bodysuit (colour and style are at the gymnast's discretion) or lycra tank top and shorts for classes. Bicycling shorts or tights may be worn overtop of the bodysuit (to keep legs warm).

Gymnasts will be required to purchase a competitive bodysuit, club tank top and shorts, and a Team jacket (in September).

Gymnasts must bring their own equipment to practise. Team members should have their own:

RG apparatus (rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon)
3 tennis balls/bean bags, 4 small scarves
Team gymnasts will need to purchase additional apparatus depending on competition requirements.
Apparatus can be purchased at United Cycle (10323 78th Ave, Edmonton) or by ordering from
various suppliers across the country listed on our Equipment page.

All Team gymnasts should have ONE pair of toe slippers (RG gymnastics shoes) with no holes for
competitions and performances.  It is recommended that gymnasts have at least one additional pair
of toe slippers for practise.  Gymnasts should wear ankle socks under their toe socks (or just ankle
socks) for training on the carpet - these MUST BE WHITE.

Hair should be neatly tied back in a bun and kept off the face.

Class starts promptly at the designated time.

Club policies are posted here for your information. Team parents are strongly encouraged to read
this document.

The General Gymnast Handbook is available here.  Gymnasts should have a printed copy in their

Online Training Requirements

Because there is a slight chance that online training may represent a significant portion of our training
train for the 2020-21 season, it is important that online training is standardized.

Attached to this email is the Team registration form (also link to online form).  This registration form
has our usual registration info and waiver, good enough for online classes.  It must be submitted
prior to the first class (Wednesday Sept 9).

Gymnasts must:
Be able to train in an area with sufficient space (e.g. she can do a full, extended cartwheel
without touching any furniture, fixtures, etc).  A rough guide would be a 2m x 2m space.
Have a yoga mat or cushioned surface for some stretching and conditioning activities.
Have a parent within visual or hearing range.  Parents are responsible for responding should an
accident occur (applying first aid, calling for an ambulance, etc).  The club, parent and gymnast
will work together to write an accident report if warranted (may include, but is not limited to,
sprains, bone breaks, accidents that may involve a concussion, etc).
Position streaming device (phone, iPad, computer, etc) so that the gymnast’s FULL BODY -
head to toe - (standing and on the floor) can be seen by coaches for the duration of practise. 
If there is no video feed from the gymnast, she will be required to exit and sign on
Be able to operate Zoom (once the gymnast is signed on) without parental assistance
(change perspective from grid and two-person, turn on/off microphone and video).  If a
gymnast is dropped from the call, she is encouraged to have a parent help her sign on again if
she needs the help.
Place apparatus and handbook off to the side, but within the same room prior to the start of
practise.  Practise areas must be safe and clear of any implements (e.g. apparatus, weights,
bands, rollers, books, pets, etc).
Have ALL equipment that we might use - rope, ball, hoop, clubs, ribbon, 3 tennis balls or bean
bags, 4 scarves.  Equipment can be rented from Arabesque for the year: $10 for first
apparatus, $5 for each additional piece of apparatus.
Be in the Zoom ‘waiting room’ 5 minutes before practise starts so that the Head Coach can
sign her in.
‘Arrive’ to practise ready to go in appropriate training attire (same as in-the-gym training).
Train with the same purpose and intensity as she would in the gym.
Not use the chat feature on Zoom before, during or after practise unless specifically asked to
do so by a coach (for the purpose of asking questions about something that is being done in
Siblings, friends, etc who are not registered with Arabesque and RGA are not permitted to join
in and participate in ANY online classes.

In-the-gym Training Requirements

Here is the list of what EVERY gymnast must bring to EVERY in-the-gym practise:
Wipes and/or personal hand sanitizer (gel or spray) (garbage bag for wipes)
Tissues (nose-blowing)
Mask - unused or clean re-usable
Clean cloth or rag for cleaning apparatus
Socks (full foot) or toe socks OVER socks (NO barefeet)
Yoga mat (labelled with gymnast’s name)
All RG apparatus (including ankle weights & theraband, roller or ball).  Not all gymnasts will
need all of these things, I will go over the specific apparatus during our one-on-one gymnast
TWO full ONE LITRE water bottles (no trips to the faucet to refill)
Pencil or pen (multiple) for Handbook

Sharing apparatus, pencils/pens, water bottles, food, etc is NOT permitted. 

The following guidelines must be followed  to ensure the safest possible training environment for
every practise.
Gymnasts must arrive at the gym IN TRAINING ATTIRE AND READY TO PRACTISE
(that includes hair in a bun, gym socks & toe socks on).  Bathrooms are not to be used as a
changing room or for doing hair.
Gymnasts will need to wait (either in the facility maintaining a distance of 2m, outside the
facility or in a parent’s car) to be let in to the training facility.  Gymnasts may only enter if they
are symptom free and will be required to answer a questionnaire (screened) each time they
enter the gym - this must be signed by a parent.
Gymnasts entering the training facility will be obliged to follow signs and directions (arrows,
pylons) to ensure that we adhere to physical distancing guidelines. 
There will not be staggered start and end times in 2020-21.  All gymnasts will train as a single
cohort (because we are a Team of less than 50).
Gymnasts should NOT wear a mask or other face covering while training.  The primary
reason is to limit the amount of face-touching to adjust the mask.
The club will be responsible for cleaning the facility AFTER EVERY USE.  Coaches, gymnasts and
parent volunteers will be expected to help after practise in order for the cleaning to be done in
a reasonable amount of time. This includes, but may not be limited to:
               * Vacuuming of and spraying Lysol on the carpet
               * Cleaning the underlying tile and wood floor
               * Cleaning any surfaces we use (chairs, tables, stage)
               * Cleaning the bathroom
               * Cleaning any signs, arrows, etc that have to be taken down before the next practise.
Be prepared to spend 1 hour AFTER practise helping to clean (hopefully it won’t be that
long, but vacuuming carpets takes a good hour). I will print a TO DO list (how to enter,
movement in the gym, cleaning tasks) that I will post.  The first in-the-gym practise will
primarily be spent going over all of these new guidelines (Tuesday Oct 6).
The club will provide PPE and sanitizer for coaches and have extra in case anyone forgets. 
Parent volunteers and gymnasts will be required to bring their own PPE (for cleaning)
and hand sanitizer (to use periodically throughout practise and to clean equipment)
to EVERY practise
Gymnasts and coaches will be required to wash and sanitize their hands before, after and at
various points during practises.
Gymnasts will work within 2-3m boxes/lines in order to ensure physical distancing.  Any
apparatus that runs away would have to be retrieved by that gymnast and sanitized before
returning to her square.
Gymnasts would be required to bring a yoga mat in addition to RG apparatus.  Yoga mats
must be used on the carpet for any exercises where gymnasts lie on the floor (stretching,
conditioning, some apparatus skills). 
All apparatus (RG, weights, therabands, yoga mats) MUST to be sanitized upon entering
Clymont and before leaving. 
Gymnasts who exhibit COVID or COVID-like symptoms part way through practise will be
isolated until a parent can retrieve them.  The gymnast will have to be symptom-free for a
minimum of 10 days before returning to in-the-gym practises.
If a gymnast tests positive for COVID-19, and has attended practise while she was infected
(showing no symptoms), ALL in-the-gym practises will be cancelled for 14 days and practises
will switch to online for that time.