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Limelight Spectacular 2018
Thanks to Limelight RG club coaches and volunteers for hosting a truly unique and fun event.  We really enjoyed the interpretive section (I think the coaches had even more fun than the gymnasts)!

Warming up for the interpretive portion with an explanation and some drama exercises.
Competition done.  Now we're getting ready for awards.  It was a long day for some of us...
Thanks to some great routines with excellent expression, we received MULTIPLE awards for best rhythm and musicality, best drama and character, best engagement with audience and best overall expression!  We even won some awards for our interpretive routines (including Coach Kristi)!
We had a great announcer for the event - he even got an award (a ribbon).  Clearly, he needs a bit of work on how to use a rhythmics ribbon...
Sassy seems to be a attitude that comes naturally to us...perhaps with a bit of silly thrown in too.