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Miscellaneous 2016

Here are some photos from different workshops and courses our gymnasts and coaches have participated in.
Workshop with Esther Bundgaard from Denmark - thank you to Sonya Golly-Jahn and Alpha Rhythmics for brining Esther to Canada and for bringing her to Devon to work with our Team gymnasts.
Two of our pre-Coaches-in-Training took the Foundations to Gymnastics RG sport-specific course.  Training more awesome coaches!
Working with Coach Jennifer Rochford from AG Rhythmics in Leduc on how to express EMOTION in our routines.  Turns out we're naturally good at being sassy...
Emotion party
Telling a story with movement
Runway - we tried being jocks walking down the hall, sassy girls, a shy princess at a ball, a new driver, crossing a desert with no water
Then we took a dance series from each routine and performed the same movements with different emotions.
The Development Group chose to do a team-building activity at Rock Jungle Fitness...rock-climbing.  Perhaps we should change their group name to the Monkeys!
Even climbing a wall, they work together in formation
Two hour practise + two hours of rock-climbing = very sleepy gymnasts
35 years in gymnastics and this is the first time I've ever needed help getting apparatus down...Thanks to the Devon Fire Department for helping us out.
It turns out the ceiling is a lot higher at Robina Baker when the ribbon gets wrapped around the light fixture and we have no ladder to get it down. 
Year-end BBQ for PreTeam and Team gymnasts at Coach Kristi's house - honestly, there were fruit and vegetables too, not just cake...