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National Gymnaestrada 2014

WOW! Our first National Gymnaestrada as a club!  Three great days in Calgary (June 29-July 1) - 45 clubs and 1000 gymnasts (yep, you read that right, 1000!) from across Canada.  10 of our gymnasts were part of the Alberta North Medley team - 7 clubs, 80 gymnasts, who get together once a month to choreograph and practise the routine that will take them to WORLD GYMNAESTRADA IN HELSINKI, FINLAND next summer.  Thanks to all the coaches and gymnasts who were a part of this experience.  C'mon, join the movement!
After 3 days of gymnastics, everyone gets a little loopy...
Opening Ceremonies
Getting ready to perform
Look at that unison!
Fun activities outside of gymnastics - swimming, hip hop
A chance to catch up with former gymnasts (Kristy & Kristi)