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North Zones 2016

Thanks to Doug Cargill for taking fantastic photos at the 2016 North Zones Qualifying Championships! Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers (Arabesque, AG Rhythmics, ERSGA, CCGC) who helped make this event possible.
Awards - Group and Individual - With some fantastic performances, they won 9 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze, and one each of 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places.  Way to go girls!  (Unfortunately my iPad battergy died so I don't have photos of everyone from the awards ceremonies.)
A little bit of down-time between competition and awards...
National level and Provincial level athletes from other clubs
Coach Kristi miscounted the number of medals to order for the Interclub gymnasts so the Roses were great sports and returned their medals at North Zones.  We had a separate "medal ceremony" in practise the other day to give them their NEW medals and to recognize their great sportsmanship!