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Planet Rhythmics Invitational 2017

Three of our gymnasts attended their first out-of-province invitational competition in Vancouver BC.  Thanks to all the coaches, judges, volunteers and athletes who made it a great experience.  Gymnasts from BC, AB, SK, USA and Puerto Rico competed - we were really inspired to go back and work extra hard to prepare for our next competitions.
The organizers had stuffies for sale to toss on to the floor to help gymnasts celebrate great routines and teammates - we even got stuffies from gymnasts on other teams!
Shhhh!  Decorating Coach Connie's door (Capital City Gymnastics Centre) while she was at the gym.
It's not a gymnastics photo unless there are legs in the air!
WOW!  We met Julie Zetlin, 2012 US Olympian!  She gaves some tips on trying her signature move (turning switch leap).
Celebrating a great competition with awesome routines with a hip bump!
Warming up in the gym - thanks for the photo Coach Connie.
Having fun outside the gym with Capital City gymnasts