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RG Stars Elite Skills & Drills Camp 2017
Three of our Regional Stream gymnasts had the opportunity to attend a one week Elite Skills and Drills camp in Vernon.  Thanks to Camille, Tammy, and all the coaches and gymnasts at Okanagan Rhythmics who made our experience fantastic! 

The girls did 5.5 hours of camp every day...and we still managed to fit in a few exciting adventures!

We drove through the mountains, saw some deer, elk, mountain goats, even a bear...
And then Coach Kristi's car died outside of Golden...
We eventually made it and got to spend 5 days training with National Team coaches 1996 Olympian Camille Martens and Tammy Andreotti.
Whoa! Spinning the ball just like Yana Kudryavtseva!
Making thank you cards for Camille and Tammy
Adventures at the Kangaroo Creek Farm
At the Orchards with our friend Sonia
Photoshoot at BX Falls (we got the idea from the girls in the previous camp)