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Tom Theobald

James Glader

Grace Chiu

As of 2013, gymnasts (individual and group) are able to compete TWO routines to music with words.

Group gymnastics (competitive)

2014 Pesaro World Cup Italy Group Clubs

2014 Pesaro World Cup Japan Group 3 ribbons + 2 balls

2007 World AGG Championship (FIN)

2008 World AGG bronze medalists (BUL)

2013 Bulgaria Junior Group hoop

2011 Pesaro World Cup Italy Group Ball

Bulgaria "rewind" routine (hoop and ball, 1986)

Gymnastics-for-all (World Gymnaestrada)

Japanese group with a really creative way to use Pilates balls

Tokyo Women's College of RG

Club Piruett (Estonia)

Malmoflickorna (juggling)  They show a more traditional style of rhythmics, very fluid and effortless.

Malmoflickorna (ball bouncing) Their timing as they bounce is incredible - it's like watching a pianist play the piano their movements are so purposeful and musical.

Czech group (humour in gymnastics) The Czechs have a long history of group gymnastics for men and women which is why they always have so many men in their performances.  Groups with men always have a lot of humour, the women always tend to do more serious and technical work...not sure why this is but it's an interesting difference.  Apologies for the shaking video - the stands were shaking with all the laughter from the audience!

Individual routines

World Champion Yana Kudryavtseva ball 2014

Ganna Ridatzinova hoop 2014

Son Yeon-Jae ribbon 2014

2008 Canadian Olympian Alexandra Orlando (rope, hoop, clubs, ribbon, ball from 2003)