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Westerns 2016

Thanks to all the coaches, judges and volunteers who helped make the 2016 Western Canada Regional Championships a successful event!  We had two Level 4 Provincial groups competing this year, the first Westerns for 6 of our 10 gymnasts.
In the gym at 6:30am.  Great time to practise exchanges with ribbon.  There were 19 groups at Westerns...not a lot of space to throw five 5m ribbons.
Warm up
Competition time!  Look at all those judges...
Hanging out with the Red Rose ribbon group from U of C (photo bomb by Krista from AG Rhythmics)
Getting ready for awards
When silly photos go wrong...
The much-anticipated banquet at LaRonde Restaurant in Edmonton.  A bit of dinner then downstairs for circus activities and dessert (thank goodness there were no cream puffs this year).