Welcome to Arabesque Rhythmics!

We want to share our passion for rhythmic gymnastics and fundamental movement skills with participants of all ages in areas south and west of Edmonton. We work with coaches and athletes from other sports and clubs in the region to help our participants develop life-long athletic skills.  The Sport Health and Wellness Centre at U of A annually tests our higher level athletes so that we can develop fit, balanced, well-rounded gymnasts. 

Our coaches aim to develop the whole person, not just the gymnast. Our Programs follow the Long-Term Athlete Development Plan (created by the Coaching Association of Canada).  Check out what we do in our classes here and see what our competitve athletes do during a practise.

Mission statement

To inspire a commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle through gymnastics.


To develop hard-working, creative gymnasts who push the boundaries of sport and art.

Contact us:     780-242-9069        arabesquerhythmics@gmail.com
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