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Unfortunately, because the club is closing in June 2021 and because of the pandemic, Arabesque Rhythmics will no longer offer recreational gymnastics classes.

Watch our club video of some of our classes.

Gymnasts in our recreational classes will learn skills from the PRISM program - developed in Alberta, PRISM is a series of levels designed to develop body and apparatus skills in a progressive manner.

PRISM follows the guidelines set by the Long-Term Athlete Development program developed by the Canadian Sport Centres. Athletes who progress through LTAD experience training and competition in programs that consider their developmental age. PRISM focuses on the first three levels of LTAD:

Active Start: learning fundamental movements (running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing, catching) and link them together into play.
FUNdamentals Stage: learn fundamental movement skills and build overall motor skills by focusing on the ABCs of athleticism-agility, balance, coordination and speed.
Learning to Train: focus is on overall sport skills development and development of endurance, flexibility and strength.