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Given the provincial restrictions during the pandemic, Team families will be specific guidelines that we will follow in order to have in-the-gym practises.  Specific club policies are outlined here (page 23). For additional information, RGA's Club Safety Plan Template, Return to Play Strategy and the Alberta's COVID relaunch for sports are available for your information.

Check out some of our Archived photos from 2009-2012.  See if you can spot some of our current Provincial, Regional and National stream gymnasts, or maybe you can see your coach when she started gymnastics.


August 17-19  One-on-one meetings with gymnasts and parents

Wednesday Sept 9 2020  Start of online Team practises

Wednesday October 7 2020   Start of in-the-gym Team practises - PLEASE BRING PRINTED & SIGNED WAIVERS TO THIS CLASS. No waiver, no entry to the hall.

We won't have in-person parent-viewing practises once we start in the gym training
(at least for now).  We're hoping to stream practises once a month so parents can watch online.