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The Team is the place for gymnasts who really enjoy rhythmics and who want to master more challenging skills and routines (check out a video of our Diamonds group from 2015-16. Gymnasts will learn more advanced rhythmic skills (body and apparatus), which are important for both competition and performance. Participation on the Team is by invitation only.
Team Coaches will determine the skill and development level of Team gymnasts based on their skill level, commitment, and overall development.

One of our goals on the Team is to develop physical fitness (energy systems, power, strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination) and explore mental preparation skills (concentration and visualization techniques, goal-setting).

What will participants learn in class?

At this level, gymnasts will continue to build fundamental movement skills with greater emphasis on the Training to Train stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Plan. Gymnasts will focus on overall sport skills development and development of endurance, flexibility and strength.

Greater emphasis will be placed on musical expression (through movement and facial expression) and the use of apparatus as an extension of the body.

One of our main goals on the Team is to improve physical fitness (energy systems, power, strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination) as well as mental preparation skills (relaxation and concentration techniques, goal-setting, visualization).

For gymnasts, the Handbook for 2020-21 will be available here at the end of August.